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I want Rest, I can’t…

13 Jun

Hello, its Annie again. I’m so tired, angry, I miss someone, so i feel so bad.

There are reasons why:

1. Tomorrow¬† I will go in Batumi (it’s city) yeah i want go on beach but why for 1 month? I will be with my aunt and uncle and cousins.

I can’t, 1 month without parents,grandma… no please…

2. one my “Friend” Sophie invited 2 my classmates, and me not… that’s okay.

3. One of my “Friend” Helen, who was in Sophie’s house, invited them to sleepover, and she invited boy too! me not… if you are reading this i want say thank you.

4. Next in the morning she called me what i will do in the evening, i said:

I will go to Megi’s (my friend) Birthday and next i have some things to do, and she said:

no! you go to Nica, for sleepover, i said:

I don’t know, and you’re not my mom! i don’t want have life with your rules! and she said:

No go to her.

I thinked: Why? she had 2 sleepover and what? Nica staied to me one week ago, but what? she lives near to me.

5. My dad said no! no go on sleepover, beacouse you are going tomorrow. i said okay.

6. When i say to Nica goodbye, she said if you aren’t coming i will invite Helen (other) i cried.

7. When i will go in Batumi, i will miss dad.

i hate this day, why you said Nica? i don’t care if you’re reading and everyone. leave me, have your own life.