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Hey Fashionistas!

7 Aug

Sooo Hello People, It’s Annie :)) Srry About Long Time But Thats okay, yes? :))

Today I was Reading And I Saw  one Post about Tavi, She is 14 years old Fashionista Blogger She is AMAZING!!!!!If you don’t belive see her site:                                     

She started blogging when she was 12 years old, She is my new rolemodel now! I want to be like her Have own style and Etc.

I think I must try it! Yes I’m Younger Than she and i don’t know fashion and english like her but… In Life You must Try  Everything… ( I don’t say bad things like… you know) 🙂

So now i will start :)))) I will change Design and Add to site some widgets and other :)) Soo welcome new Annie who is now 11 years old!


What I will do now…

12 Jul

Hey guys! Srry for unposting you know I was in Batumi that was good.

Now I will tell you News:

I have new Georgian Blog

Okaaay now i will say what i will do now:

write min. 2 posts, try change desing ^_^see what i want on bday.

Read on blogs how do better blog

okaaay byeeeee!

Pink books ^_^

Pink books ^_^

Congratz kiddies!

1 Jun

Heeeey! Today is 1 jun and in georgia today is kids day!!!!

Congratz all kiddies and me! 😀

Today was great, we had math test Easyy! and next in School we ate Mcdonalds! yeees! we were in yard all lessons!


oh,and pic of my jumpsuit


My Flats =)

31 May

I thinked what i will write in first post, I thinked maybe fashion? yeah  !

Today i will show you  my flats, i love them one off them is sporty, on of them is casual and one of them is classy. here are they:

1. Sporty

2. Classy


All from Mango!

Thank you!